Speciality Efferceuticals as & Solugran Products Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, poultry & non-pharma products

SciTech-An employee owner & managed organization by Technocrats with over 300 years of cumulative World-wide experience in Healthcare Industry.

• Initiated in April 2008 with the first in Asia Veterinary Products Effervescent manufacturing unit, now has four dedicated manufacturing units for Pharma, Nutra & Non-Pharma Products.

• In-house technology developed and scaled up to be III company in the World to manufacture Vaccine Stabilizer Effervescent Tablets

• Most innovative Effervescent Products with possibly the largest range of Efferceuticals TM in the world, working with over 50 Local and 28 overseas customers.

• Our units have following quality certifications with In-house R & D facility & export to over 20 countries like US, EU, MENA ASEAN etc

WHY SciTech?

Imnovation – The core competence of SciTech
Commercialized imnovated efferceuticals

  • OD-EfffTabs TM for novel delivery system for nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals & veterinary products.
  • Enzymes & Probiotics as EffTabs & SoluGrans
  • Glutathione & combinations as OD-EffTabs stabilized Effervescent

1. Nutraceuticals

  • Immunity Booster
  • Multivitamins
  • Glutathione

2. Nutra Specialities
3. OD-EffTabs
(Orally dissolving Effervescent Tablets)
4. Herbals (Traditional Herbs into modern dosage form)
5. Collagen Range in EffTabs
6. Probiotic Specialities
7. Pharmaceuticals