Dr Pathak Biography:

Dr Pathak is working as Honorary Consultant to Vecteng SciTech. He has over 44 years of versatile experience in Pharmaceutical Industry, Nutraceutical Industry and several years of administrative experience in an Institution of Higher education as Dean (and over 30 years as faculty and as a researcher in higher education after his Ph.D). He now holds the position for Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and tenured professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

His last appoint in the industry was Director of research and Development in Texas USA. He has developed several Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products in his lifetime and also published extensively with over 50 edited volumes. Dr. Yash Pathak is an internationally recognized scholar, researcher and educator in the areas of Health care education, Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery Systems and Nutraceuticals.

Books published by Dr Pathak:

Books in Nano Science

Books in Drug Delivery System

Books in Nutraceuticals